At Think Smart Center we specialize in helping struggling students from primary through college achieve their potential within MONTHS rather than years.


Why is Think Smart Center so successful within only months, when other centers charge fees year after year and the same struggle continues?

Standard tutoring attempts to re-teach academic areas that were not successfully learned.This doesn’t work for students with weak learning skills. It becomes more and more of the same thing that isn’t working and results in frustration for everyone.

We at Think Smart Center:

Our research based programs increases the ability for a student to learn quickly, easily, and to retain what is learned.

Cognitive Skills and Learning

What are these cognitive skills required for proficient learning and how can they affect your child?


These cognitive (or mental) skills are critical for success in reading, math, and learning in general.

When these skills are weak, the results are:

Specialized Private Tutors

At Think Smart Center, we as highly specialized private tutors can actually train and strengthen the cognitive, learning skills so that the student experiences permanent and continued success.

How can these cognitive skills be corrected?

Think Smart Center is based on the scientific evidence that learning skills can be improved and can be strengthened permanently by the use of specifically designed and targeted exercises tailored to the child’s individual needs.

We improve cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, sensory processing, and reasoning. This strengthens the individual learning skills allowing the student to learn more efficiently. When learning is more efficient, it is easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.

Our goal is to create a stronger, more confident and independent learner. The results are permanent, powerful and life changing.

Who Can We Help?

Students of all ages who:

Our students become successful, independent learner.

Our Programs:


* Organization & Study Skills are included in all programs to improve a students overall performance.

Give your child the success and confidence they deserve!

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Does Your Child Need More Than

Traditional Tutoring?

Finally, a Better Alternative To Years of Tutoring!

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Specialized Private Tutors


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