Our Learning Skills Program develops:

These cognitive abilities are the foundation that enable learning to be easier and faster. The experience of successful learning makes a student feel good and their self-esteem is dramatically improved.

First, an evaluation helps us determine if there are deficiencies in a student's processing skills. If the student is a good candidate for this program, a training program will be developed to meet that student's individual needs.

Once enrolled in the program, a student will work on specific goals with a professional trainer who will conduct carefully sequenced activities to strengthen weak areas in order to bring the learning system up to par. The training is designed to achieve maximum results in the shortest period of time.


The three main reasons why children have difficulty learning:

Skills necessary for good learning:

6 questions to ask yourself:

Although all these questions need an answer, you may not have enough information to fully answer them now.

To make an informed decision,

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Learning Skills Program


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