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About Us  


Our mission is to provide the necessary tools to empower students with the learning skills that are so critical for happy, successful lives


We are committed to putting the needs of our students first.

We continually strive to be the very best in the field of learning development.


Because of our skills and dedication, we have been unmatched in our success for over 16 years. 

Who We Are

  • We are a husband and wife team of learning specialists who are passionate and excited about what we do and what we see every day that is changing the lives of our students forever. As well as being experienced classroom teachers, we are trained and licensed in Cognitive Development Training, Phonemic Reading Therapy and Reading Comprehension Development.
  • Our teaching backgrounds in reading and math as well as 18 yrs of experience in the above areas have allowed us to become the first and most experienced provider of this type of learning development training in the Louisville area. Being leaders in learning development, we have a commitment to be the very best we can be.
  • We are also committed to putting the needs of our students first. Because of our skills and dedication, we have been unmatched in our success. We follow an at home model…full learning center in a walk-out basement that allows for more affordable fees as well as more comfort for our students and parents.
  • A comfortable waiting room is provided for our parents. Individual training rooms offer a one-on-one experience for our students to create the most ideal situation for better and more successful training.

What We Do

  • We are devoted to improving the lives of students who are challenged by learning disabilities, reading and math difficulties, as well as students who just want an extra edge in their academic pursuits…those who want to reach their academic potential. Many want to be able to work faster and more efficiently for better focus, concentration, and memory. Some desire to do better in their standardized testing or on their ACT scores.
  • We combine with our programs our highly successful life skills training, as well as organizational skills for the dramatic and permanent increase in learning skills that our students need and deserve. The synergistic effect of this training helps students to soar to success and creates life-long improvements in the classroom and beyond.
  • Think Smart learning development training gets to the underlying cause of the learning or reading problem rather than just addressing the symptoms. We correct the problem at its source. This sets us apart from conventional tutoring centers.
  • For 18 years, the power of our program has been unmatched in its success. Only Think Smart uses Life Skills Training in conjunction with learning development training to insure success on every level. Students learn how to transfer their new skills to every area of their lives. We turn the frustration of learning and reading difficulties into lifelong success.

Our work can best be demonstrated by one mother’s story regarding her 12 year old daughter:


“My daughter Amanda has had problems in school since 1st grade. We have been through every test both psychological, scholastic and medical that you can think of. She has been on 2 ADD drugs, had private tutors, been through other learning centers and in several special classes in school. I was not going to give up on her because she never once gave up on herself. She would try so hard, there were nights she would cry from 7-10 o’clock straight saying she had to finish, “She had to get it right”. I would spend every day after school sitting with her, doing homework, reading to her, and trying to help her understand her assignments. Neither of us has had any social life for the past 5 years.”

“Then we heard about Think Smart. After talking to several parents and researching their program through the internet we decided to give it a try. I don’t know what else to say besides “WOW!” She took the program during summer recess so we were anxious to see how the new school year was going to develop. She was starting Intermediate School, 6th grade, and would have a lot of changes. Multiple teachers, new school, larger class size, etc.”

“She has just excelled! We are so excited. She can do her homework almost completely on her own, and is not up until all hours trying to finish. She comes home with her lessons still retained in her head and can remember how to apply what she has learned toward her homework and tests. She has not cried once this year and wants to now take gymnastics or horseback riding lessons after school (something she would never do before because there was not enough time in the day).”

“I would recommend Think Smart to any parent with a child who has any level of learning difficulty.”

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