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We turned to Think Smart and their team of professionals when our daughter was determined to be dyslexic. They worked with her and taught her ways to “rethink” how to read. Under their tuterage, her reading improved dramatically. Highly recommended!

 Mark McCrary reviewed Think Smart Center  5 star

April 7 at 11:42pm facebook 


  My son has ADD. He was a freshman at Saint X and by midterms I was deeply concerned he wasn’t going to graduate from there. We had tried traditional tutoring and medicine. Nothing stuck. I was desperate and willing to try anything. After Think Smart we saw a dramatic change in our son. He was more organized and responsible and began working independently for the first time. He now has a 3.0 overall GPA. A day I never thought we’d see. Thank you Bob and Connie you changed our lives.

Mary Shea Hall reviewed Think Smart Center  5 star

April 21 at 1:14pm facebook


  My son has ADHD, processing disorder, auditory processing disorder, and Mrs. Connie diagnosed him with convergence insufficiency (an eye disorder that hurts reading). He was behind in reading skills due to his disorders and teachers wanted to hold him back. After 12 weeks of sessions through the summer and he started 2nd grade at grade level. His grades went from failing in 1st grade to A’s and B’s his 2nd grade yr. We love Mrs. Connie and appreciate the Think Smart program. We are going to go back for Math, just to give him a boost to his skills. If your child has trouble keeping up, the Think Smart Program will get them to grade level or even above their grade level in a few short weeks.

Missy Newland reviewed Think Smart Center  5 star

April 23 at 11:40am  facebook


“Your care and concern at Think Smart for Hailey developmentally was equal to our own. Thank you for the commitment you showed and your kindness. We will never forget this important stepping stone in all our lives and how you gave so much to Hailey and her education! One Million Thank-You’s to you!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!”

 Raquel R. –

Think Smart helped us tremendously. Our daughter Alyssa has auditory processing delay disability. All the learning centers we checked out didn’t work with kids who had any learning disabilities or at least help her deal with it. Think Smart was able to show Alyssa ways for her to overcome that. Alyssa achieved more that we expected. They were very detailed, patient and very encouraging. Alyssa has striven now to do better. When she started the program she was in special day classes at school doing class work at a first grade level. After finishing the program we recommended to her school counselor that we wanted her in mainstream classes. After testing her they put her in all mainstream classes because she had jumped from a grade level of first grade to sixth grade. Thanks to Think Smart’s learning program she has learned to study better and to use methods for reading and comprehending. They have taught her how to overcome her learning disability.

Think Smart helped Alyssa to no longer feel like she couldn’t achieve more than basic. Not only did they assist Alyssa with her learning levels but also with her confidence. She has blossomed into a confident person. I Thank Think Smart for their dedication to helping children deal with learning disabilities. Think Smart has great instructors!”

 Francine R. –

“My daughter Amanda has had problems in school since 1st grade. We have been through every test both psychological, scholastic and medical that you can think of. She has been on 2 ADD drugs, had private tutors, been through other learning centers and in several special classes in school. I was not going to give up on her because she never once gave up on herself. She would try so hard, there were nights she would cry from 7-10 o’clock straight saying she had to finish, “She had to get it right”. I would spend every day after school sitting with her, doing homework, reading to her, and trying to help her understand her assignments. Neither of us has had any social life for the past 5 years. Then we heard about Think Smart after talking to several parents and researching their program through the internet, we decided to give it a try. I don’t know what else to say besides “WOW!” She took the program during summer recess so we were anxious to see how the new school year was going to develop. She was starting Intermediate School, 6th grade, and would have a lot of changes. Multiple teachers, new school, larger class size, etc. She has just excelled! We are so excited. She can do her homework almost completely on her own, and is not up until all hours trying to finish. She comes home with her lessons still retained in her head and can remember how to apply what she has learned toward her homework and tests. She has not cried once this year and wants to now take a gymnastics class or horseback riding lessons after school (something she would never do before because there was not enough time in the day). I would recommend Think Smart to any parent with a child who has any level of learning difficulty.

 Sue M. –

I would like to thank Think Smart for everything they did for my son Jonathon and for our family. There are not enough words to describe the gratitude that I feel, but Ill try. Its been months since we did the program with Think Smart and more and more every day Im seeing the benefits. The differences between last school year and this one are amazing. Before the program, Jonathan was getting Ds & Fs and he was in danger of being held back a grade. He had failed beginning Algebra twice, and believe me, helping him with his homework was like pulling teeth painful. I am proud to say that this summer after finishing the program, Jonathan passed Algebra with a B! We also just received his first semester grades for this year: two As, 3 Bs, and a C. Awesome! And homework is no longer a complete stress and frustration. I can list a 100 areas in which Jonathan has shown improvement, but the bottom line is, he is now happier and showing confidence in himself and in his abilities, and that makes me happy.

 Lindon H . –

One of the main reasons for enrolling my daughter at Think Smart was that she was struggling in school. She would work so hard and take so much time with homework and study, yet still did not do really well in school She was so unsure of herself. Homework time was very torturous. She was getting a poor self-image and was disliking school very much. Most of the program was taken during the summer so I still did not know how the program was going to affect her school work, where the rubber meets the road. Jaclyn is far more independent with homework. She has become more self-initiated with it. It was almost weird at first. She has the self-confidence now and is not afraid of it. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in Math. She used to make careless errors and just didn’t seem to get it. Well, the light bulb has turned on now and she is doing very well. She is getting better grades and most importantly she is enjoying school now and is excited about learning.

 Cynthia S. –

We are simply delighted with the progress that our adult son made during and after the training he received from you last year. It was exactly what he needed as you said it would be from the testing. He has never held a job for more than 1-2 weeks before he would be fired. Now he has a good paying job and his job progress reviews on a scale of 1-5 are now all top 5s and also he’s receiving awards. He walks so tall and proud as he now HAS A LIFE! We can never thank you enough.

 Sue F. –